Weaver Helps Upgrade And Reconstruct The OA System Of Greenland Group

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Established on July 18th, 1992, with its headquarters located in Shanghai, China, Greenland Group has remained committed to its core principle of “Greenland, create a better life” for over 22 years. The company aligns itself with government policies and market demands, resulting in a diversified business portfolio that prominently features real estate while also engaging in the integrated development of related sectors such as business, finance, and metro infrastructure.

Greenland Group has adopted a dual approach to its growth strategy, combining industrial management and capital management. This strategy has propelled the company to significant achievements, including ranking 268th on the 2014 Fortune Global 500 list and 40th among Chinese mainland enterprises. In 2014, the company achieved remarkable financial results, with business operating income reaching 402.1 billion RMB, total pre-tax profits of 24.2 billion RMB, and total assets valued at 478.4 billion RMB by year-end.

Notably, Greenland Group’s real estate business excelled in 2014, boasting a pre-sale area of 21.15 million square meters and generating an impressive revenue of 240.8 billion RMB, solidifying its position as a global industry leader.

Project scope

The objective of implementing the Green Group OA system is to create an integrated, multi-level, and comprehensive collaborative office system for Party A and its subsidiaries, encompassing a total of twenty-five independent agencies. This includes one group headquarters and twenty-four distinct business units.

Key Components of the Green Group OA System:

Information Portal
Workflow Management
Knowledge Management
Comm. & Collaboration
Integrated Application
Enterprise Mobility

Project summary

Greenland Group’s OA platform has been successfully developed and implemented over the course of more than one year, marked by continuous effort and dedication. It serves as a unified and integrated management and work platform, emphasizing two key principles: integration and decentralization.


The platform unifies various critical aspects of operations, encompassing information dissemination and sharing, standardization and execution of workflows, accumulation and utilization of knowledge, collaboration and communication, and mobile office capabilities. It ensures seamless integration of systems and information for improved efficiency and productivity.


Acknowledging the diverse nature of the group, the OA system’s operational and maintenance rights are primarily held at the group level. However, certain rights are delegated to subsidiaries, allowing both the headquarters and each subsidiary to manage their specific business operations effectively. This decentralization approach enhances autonomy while maintaining centralized control where needed.

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