e-office 11.0

Standard OA Platform for SME

Unlock wide array of out-of-the-box business applications with Weaver e-office. Achieve end-to-end operational automation and control of business processes. 

Everything you need for collaboration, all in one place

Out-of-the-box solutions 

Do more with our ready-to-use solutions that meet the diverse application needs of different departments.

Human Resource Management Icon

Human Resources

Manage, onboard, nurture and retain talent with end-to-end HRM solution.

Contract Management Icon


Streamline contract management from drafting, approval to signing and archiving.

Procurement Management Icon


Manage suppliers, sourcing, bids, tender, purchase requests, inventory and more.

Budget and Expense Management Icon

Budget & Expense

Manage budgeting, invoices, reimbursement and financial planning on one platform.


Organize, store, retrieve, and share information using a knowledge base.

Document Management Icon


Streamline document workflows with integrated business records, files and intelligent features.

Project Management Icon


Harness resources, track progress, and exercise cost control for optimal project management.

Customer Management (CRM) Icon


Manage customer registration, allocation, sales follow-up, signing and payment processes.

Warehouse Management Icon


An intelligent warehouse platform that integrates products, contracts, and inventory.

Administrative Management Icon


Manage people, finances, meetings, assets and material acquisition within an organization.

Communication and Implementation Icon


A closed-loop system with internal communication channels and goal-based tracking.

Spend lesser time in building with pre-built templates

Mature and ready-to-use templates for quick implementation

Explore our marketplace of mature templates, offering organizations an extensive library of applications for various industries and scenarios. Seamlessly import templates with a single click and achieve office objectives rapidly.


Wide range of scenario templates for operational management


Import application templates and build functional modules with a single click


Wide selection of form and workflow templates tailored to meet diverse approval requirements


Create unique and customized interfaces with variety of color schemes and design templates


Explore ready-to-use templates including general content and document styles

Drag and drop to build customized applications

Build and manage application modules that align with your business requirements

With our low-code e-office platform, we empower system users to create their own customized OA solutions. No coding skills required, simply drag-and-drop new blocks or elements to build new applications with visual and intuitive tools.

e-office Form Designer Tools

Rich and diverse components

Allows you to drag, drop and customize components to create business forms.


Design page layouts and field settings with visual and interactive features for optimal experience.

Cross-platform deployment

We make it easy to build mobile applications with integration between desktop and mobile devices.

Transform the way you work with an intelligent voice assistant

24/7 Intelligent assistant for every member of the organization

An interactive platform that combines intelligent AI technology with Weaver OA scenarios. Assisting members with daily office tasks including data queries, knowledge support, business travel, expense reimbursement and approvals.

Let’s try it out with voice right away

Bridging data across multiple systems with Weaver e-office

Seamless integration and data interactions with your existing systems

Unlock full potential of your business ecosystem with configuration-based integration platform. Connect and synchorinize data from disparate systems. Experience the power of integrated solutions and streamlined business processes.

Visual Configuration

e-office is adaptable to multi-dimensional API interfaces, allowing you to connect your OA with customer systems, financial systems, inventory systems and more.

Identity Authentication

Seamlessly navigate across multiple platform with synchronized permission management and single sign-on (SSO) while maintaining strong security measures.

Intelligent Data Interchange

OA system goes beyond receiving tasks and business data from various systems based on permission. It also facilitates the exchange of process data with systems, providing a solid foundation for approvals.

WeCom x Weaver e-office

Bridge the communication gap with WeChat-integrated OA system

Establish a unified collaboration for internal management and seamless communication with supply chains, covering various collaborative scenarios like communication, contract signing, data reporting, recruitment, customer and distributor management. 

e-office & WeCom OA Platform Integration




Contract Signing


Supplier Management

Data Reporting



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Free demo on us.
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Welcome to Weaver.

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