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Weaver Implementation Services

Structure implementation methodology is the key to a successful collaborative management system. A poor implementation methodology may lead to the stagnation of the entire project. Implementation methodology provides guidance for the successful application of enterprise management software, just like in enterprise build a bridge between applications and management

Through the delivery of more than 50,000 big customer projects in 20 years, Weaver has accumulated a mature implementation methodology – collaborative management implementation method, which provides standardized implementation method guidance for system implementation.

Key of Weaver Implementation methodology

E-cology Implementation Strategy

Project Promotion

Overall strategy: Overall planning, unified construction, branch implementation

SOW strategy: Implement group, chemical, medical first

Functions Strategy: Revolve around the existing system, maximize the integration of resources, and improve the informatization planning at the same time

Guarantee strategy:The senior management of the enterprise pays attention to and supports them, and truly participates in the project

Technical Support

Platform strategy: Build an integrated and open collaborative platform

Integration strategy: Build application via information portal, e-builder, and other engines

Structure Strategy: Front + Middle + Back to support all kinds of application

Technology strategy:Cross platforms (Window + Linux), cross browsers, and support mobile working technology from product level

Continuous Operation

Management optimization strategy: Provide process combing and process optimization services during the project process, combing the front-end-middle-office management integration

Continuous operation strategy: According to the requirements of the continuous advancement of the portal, provide continuous operation  mechanisms in collaboration with key departments of the enterprise, such as the release of business analysis documents, regular business operation & operation analysis, industry benchmarking, project case library, etc

E-cology Project Implementation Methodology

1. Preparation

  1. Organization Support
  2. Management Situation
  3. Project Policy
  4. Basic Policy Material
  5. Project Master Schedule
  6. Installation Preparation
  7. Project Kick-Off

2. Requirement & Solution

  1. Mature Evaluation
  2. Requirement Study Plan
  3. Requirement interview
  4. Requirement Analysis
  5. Materials preparation
  6. Draft solutions
  7. Solution Discussion
  8. Solution Confirmation

3. Realization & Test

  1. Testing & Prod Env. Installation
  2. Technical Design
  3. System Customization
  4. System build
  5. UIUX Optimization
  6. Utility Testing
  7. Testing Package preparation
  8. Master Data Import

4. User Acceptance Test

  1. Key user testing training
  2. Testing issue list tracking
  3. System maintains training
  4. Admin improve training
  5. End-user training
  6. User manual release
  7. Standardized Policy
  8. System adjustment

5. System Go-live

  1. Internal Promote Meeting
  2. Department Learning & Exam
  3. Go-Live Preparation
  4. Clean history data
  5. Migrate testing and prod. Env.
  6. Go-Live notification
  7. System Go-Live Officially
  8. Emergency support

6. Project Handover

  1. Handover preparation
  2. Document  preparation
  3. Project handover
  4. Handover meeting
  5. Sign handover report

Maintenance Services


Customer will be given a service hotline to raise inquiries on product and system maintenance

Email Support

A Software Incident Report (SIR) Form will be given to the Licensee. Licensee can send the SIR form to the Service e- mail to allow Weaver’s Maintenance team to respond and follow up on the issue


Customers can attend the system admin training held by Weaver in Shanghai or Singapore. However, the Licensee needs to bear the transportation & accommodation if they need to travel to the venue

Update patch

Free Minor Software Version Upgrade (i.e. Version Number n.x.x, “n” indicates major software version, “x.x” refers to minor software versions.

Security patch

Security Patches & Support packages - correction packages to reduce the effort of implementing single corrections.

Remote Support

Weaver will remotely connect to the Licensee’s production system to perform required maintenance tasks (e.g. Issue Investigation, Debugging and Rectification. etc)

Customer Sharing

Customer is eligible to participate in the Customer Sharing Sessions held in Shanghai or Singapore. The Customer Sharing Session often includes training on e-cology products.

Onsite Visit Survey

Weaver will conduct on-site visits to gather feedback from the Licensee and try to make improvements on services & products based on the feedback given

System Recovery

Weaver’s Maintenance Team will assist clients in system recovery/Product Reinstallation (i.e. when necessary) using remote connection tools,

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Free demo on us.
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Welcome to Weaver.

Free demo on us. Get started today.

Free demo on us.
Get started today.