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Remote Function Call(RFC)

Remote function calls may be associated with SAP software and ABAP programming and provide a way for an external program (written in languages such as PHP, ASP, Java, C, or C++) to use data returned from the SAP server. Customer could register and call RFC function in E-cology directly


BAPIs enable access to SAP functions across formal, stable and dialog-free interfaces. These interfaces can be used by external applications developed by customers and complementary software partners as well as by other SAP applications. Defined as API methods of SAP Business Object Types, these object types are used within the Business Framework to enable object-based communication between components


PI (Process Integration) is an enterprise integration platform that provides seamless integration between SAP and non-SAP applications within the organization A2A (Application to Application) or even outside the organization B2B (Business to Business). It allows organizations to exchange information between internal software within the company and external systems outside the company.

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