Budget and Expense Control

Easy expense claim, budget control

Budget and Expense Control

Easy expense claim, budget control

Many Cost Types

In the business activities of enterprises, there are many types of expenses involved, and the emphasis of different types of expense management is different, making the system difficult to implement, high management costs, and lack of unified and standardized management tools.

Difficult For Employees To Reimburse, Difficult For Leadership Approval

It is tedious for employees to fill in documents, and it is easy to make mistakes when pasting bills. There is no reference of relevant historical data when leaders approve, and the process of reimbursement business is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Expense Management Digtialisation Maps


Mobile Reimbursement

Mobile Reimbursement Application
Connect with 3rd Party Application
Apply on mobile

An Office in Your Pocket

Connect People, Business Process, Documents and All Digital Services

Working on iPad

Request on iPad
Expense report on iPad

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