Contract Management

Create digital contract from drafting, creation, execution, signing, risk monitoring, compliance, analysis to visualized performance reports. 

Transform and streamline contract processes into digital workflows by leverage business opportunities with high flexibility, scalability, accessibility and contract transparency.

Contract Management

Transform business processes into digital workflows with Weaver’s built-in intuitive drag and drop designers. Configure customised business rules within the automated business processes to achieve better operational efficiency.

Contract Complexity

There are different types of legal terms, agreement, management specification and requirements for every contract you signed. Meanwhile, traditional management method is incapable of managing such complex process from contract drafting, and approval to a business-effectiveness level.  

The longer the approval cycle, the more difficult it is for sales team to monitor and execute as every contract is out of place.   


Extended Approval Cycle

For every contract to be successfully implemented, it has to passed multiple     approval from managerial, departmental and directorial level. The prolonged approval cycle in paper-based contract requires contract to pass from one another only after it is approved by previous personnel threshold.  

Needless to say for the inability and inefficiency to track approval process and status in real-time. 

High Risk Exposure

The lack of necessary approval decision-making information is often prone to transaction risks. Every contract has specific authorised signee attended, where traditional paper-based contract faced difficulties in managing. Paper-based easily faced fraud and misuse of stamp during the execution process.  

Other risks including scattered financial, performance, related information due to lack of integration and coordination during the contract execution phase. The inability to monitor contract execution process also calls for unforeseen risk to the business.  


Weaver Contract Management Flow Chart

Full process cycle for managing digital contract from drafting template, execution, getting approval to contract risk monitoring. 


Mobile Contract Management

Our mobility features make it easier for you to manage and approve digital contract anytime, anywhere on the go.  

Mobile Contract Application

Contract Alert

Contract Report

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