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Leverage the power of digital contract management

Take advantage from our robust digital contract management software solution. Accelerate your contract lifecycle from initiation, execution to monitoring. Streamline and automate existing contract workflow during key stages.


Optimise your contract workflow

Built on low-code with scalability and flexibility, Weaver provides end-to-end solutions of contract workflow management from pre-award, award to post-award phase, all according to your enterprise needs. 


Seamless collaboration with external parties

Effective communication is what keeps process going ahead. Build a secured online place where you and external parties can collaborate, review, adjust and redlining contracts. Flow through authoring and negotiation by making changes to the contract in real-time.

Collaborate with external parties |Contract Management | Digital Contract | Weaver Network
Compare your contracts | Contract Management | Digital Contract | Weaver Network


Notice the differences between contracts

With our contract comparison feature, you can spot out the differences in contracts without word-by-word. Compare between existing contracts and notice the differences. Save time in consolidating the differences in contract terms.

Compare your contracts | Contract Management | Digital Contract | Weaver Network


Accelerate your approval workflow

An accelerated contract approval cycle is crucial for businesses moving forward, such as sales cycle. Our digital signature (e-Sign) feature allows you to sign or stamp contracts for approval without physical limitations. Take advantage of our comprehensive contract lifecycle management (CLM) today. 

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) | Contract Management | Digital Contract | Weaver Network
Automated Compliance Review | Contract Management | Digital Contract | Weaver Network


Automated compliance review

Expedite compliance and contract risk management processes by automating pre-contract review workflow, including integrating financial and legal terms into business rules. Efforts of automated compliance including payment ratio, historical contract information and more. 

Automated Compliance Review | Contract Management | Digital Contract | Weaver Network

Improved productivity

Boost efficiency by eliminating existing manual processes

Enhanced experience

Converting to digital contract elevates employee experience digitally

Easy approval tracking

Visualised contract workflow allows ease of tracking on contract status

Lower operating costs

Spend lesser on printing costs for paper contracts

Secured environment

An internal portal for safe communication on documents transfer

by department

Work collaboratively across departments

Maximise operational and financial performance of organisation across departments with standardised digital contract templates for every functions.


With streamline workflows, fast-track your sales cycle by executing approval, signing, agreements through digital contract

Project Management

Construct legal agreements between you and your customers. Select which digital contract best suits the project, negotiate the terms and redlining contract.


Seek legal advice and get your digital contract drafted and reviewed with in-house legal counsel before signing a contract.

Increased efficiencies with digital contract workflow

Start converting your paper contracts today for an enhanced experience for your organisation.

Need help getting started?

We’re here to help. Optimise your contracts and start leveraging digital contract management today for your enterprise needs.