Weaver Contract Management Platform

Digital Contract Management

Supercharge your contract workflow – from draft, approval rules to signing, archiving and real-time monitoring – all with Weaver Contract Management Platform.


Accelerate your contract approval workflow during key stages

An accelerated contract approval cycle is crucial for businesses striving to move forward, especially in sales cycle. Weaver digital signature (e-Sign) enables you to sign or stamp contracts for approval without being constrained by physical limitations. Embrace the benefits of our end-to-end contract lifecycle management today.

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Compare between documents

With our contract comparison feature, you can easily identify disparities between contracts without having to go through them word-by-word. Compare existing contracts and quickly spot the variations. Save time by efficiently consolidating differences in contract terms.


Automated compliance review

Expedite compliance and contract risk management processes by automating the pre-contract review workflow. Weaver integrates financial and legal terms into business rules, streamlining the process. Effortlessly achieve automated compliance by leveraging features such as payment ratio analysis, historical contract information, and more.

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Seamless collaboration with external stakeholders

Effective communication is what keeps processes moving forward. Build a secure online platform where you, external stakeholders can collaborate, review, adjust, and redline contracts. Streamline the authoring and negotiation process by making real-time changes to the contract.


A powerful low-code platform for your contract management needs

Optimise and automate contract workflows with Weaver E-cology contract management solution throughout critical stages.

Efficient text processing

Facilitate rapid agreement with contract templates through collaborative negotiations.

Intelligent compliance audit

Improve contract approval efficiency with intelligence-based compliant feature.

End-to-end digitalisation

Digital management of contracts such as approval, ID verifications and archive management.

Contract risk control and alert

Monitor risks and stay alert on contract changes with intelligent tracking.

Integrate with business systems

Integrate contract-related information and utilize business data to drive contract performance and clarity.

Rich data analysis

Provide statistical reports on contract signing, execution and risks.


Bridging contract data and business systems with flexibility

Whether it’s a sales system, procurement system, ERP system, CRM system, investment management system, leasing system, or project management system, Weaver connects it all. 


Seamless cross-platform deployment

Powered by H5 technology, Weaver contract management platform is seamlessly adaptable on mobile, PC, tablet devices, providing all-around 24/7 access to archival management services.

Contract management for every business

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Welcome to Weaver.

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Welcome to Weaver.

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