Weaver HR Management Platform

Human Resource Management

Empowering organizations to manage and nurture talent with end-to-end HR management solution – including recruitment & selection, training,  retention, performance review and reward.

Our Approaches

4Rs in Human Resource Development

Discover our 4Rs approach to efficient and effective human resource management.


Source, assess, interview, select, and onboard culture-aligned candidates.


Enhance skills through targeted training, fostering growth and adaptability.


Assess, acknowledge, and reward achievements for better performance.


Foster engagement, growth, and satisfaction for lasting commitment.

HRM Platform Lifecycle

Everything you need in one platform

Our HR solutions incorporates a range of specialized HR functions, covering the entire process of talent recruitment and selection, nurturing, discovery and development, and retention processes. 

HRM Platform Core Functions

Diverse application scenarios for every functions

Employee self-service (ESS)

Access all HR services through a single, user-friendly portal.

Recruitment Management

Streamline recruitment and talent search process by connecting internal and external resources.

Organizational Management

Adaptable and multifaceted system tailored for managing organizations of different sizes.

Employee Relations

Navigate scenario-based process change management among employees.

Leave and Attendance

Fulfilling diverse leave and attendance management needs of organizations.

Training Management

Elevating the efficiency of talent training with seamless integration assessment.

Compensation Management

Flexibly intelligent salary calculation by integrating collection of HR information.

Performance Management

Goal-oriented performance management and holistic performance assessment framework.

Business Collaboration

Reflect current employee status through the integration and interconnection of business systems

Data Integration

Bridging people and operations in one platform

At the heart of HR lies essence of HR – managing affairs and leading people. Weaver seamlessly combines HR management software with the process of goal management into business operations, such as incorporating business data into the HR system. 

This integration helps in identifying and nurturing talents during business activities.

HRM Platform Framework

Weaver HR Digital Transformation Map

System Integration

Swift, codeless integration with third-party systems

Weaver HR management platform boasts mature integration components that enable swift, codeless integration with various systems, in which breaking down data barriers, eliminating internal information silos and enhancing business unity.

Mobile HR

Take it everywhere you go

Weaver HR management platform automatically adapts to both PC and mobile devices, providing access through various terminals. This empowers employees to accomplish all HR tasks on the go, whether via WeCom, mobile apps, or PCs. 

Kickstart digital transformation journey with Weaver

Connecting People, Business Process and Data using digital services.

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Free demo on us.
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Welcome to Weaver.

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Free demo on us.
Get started today.