Document Management

A More Easier Way to Organise Documents

Go paperless with digitised paper documents. Boost productivity with workflow and document management tools.

Document Management System (DMS) | Weaver

A big picture of our document system

An overview and core functions of Weaver document management system.



Create a unified document repository that automatically collects knowledge documents from multiple sources.



Standardise documents by grouping them by category.



Enable knowledge utilisation based on different working scenarios.



Enabling organisations to build a culture of innovation through the application of knowledge and intelligent technology.


Elevate experience with paperless document

Work with digitised documents effortlessly. Organise and manage your documents with the new digital experience.

Advance full-text search engine

Search documents based on metadata, keywords, filters, and tags

Automated archival system

Automated archive documents upon collection

Digitization | Document Management System (DMS) | Weaver

Streamline document approval workflows with automation

Improve team efficiency and automate documents to make it easier to distribute documents to the right people at the right time.

Approval workflows

Request to view a document or submit a document for approval via a workflow process.

Predefine approval rules

Trigger document-related actions based on a pre-defined set of regulatory rules and requirements.

Workflow Automation | Document Management System (DMS) | Weaver

Collaborate with your team in real time

Communicate effectively with your team, internal and external stakeholders using document-driven collaboration.

Real-time editing

Collaborate with colleagues in real time on the latest version of documents.

Version control & monitoring

Track and follow up on documents related to a task or project through workflows.

Real-time Collaboration | Document Management System (DMS) | Weaver
Data Compliance

Complete control over your documents

Makes it easy for organisations to conduct internal audits, maintain document quality control and control access to sensitive documents.

Role-based access control (RBAC)

Assign permissions based on user role or job function

Document audits

Track user activity, control document access, modification and deletion history

Compliance Management | Document Management System (DMS) | Weaver

Multiple systems. Single platform access.

Easy day-to-day access to documents across multiple systems with Weaver integration engine.

Easy day-to-day access to documents across multiple systems such as HRM, CRM, BPM, ERP with Weaver integration engine.







Packed with features to help you
streamline your document workflow


Multi-level Categorisation

Unlimited document categorisation level


Permission Control

Control over 20 multi-level permissions including sharing, downloading, printing and more



Enable head office and subsidiaries to maintain and share document assets


Multiple File Formats

Support for online reading of PPT, Word, Excel, PDF, TXT and other document formats


Full Text Search Engine

Allows users to find the documents they need in seconds based on keywords, tags etc


Information Integration

Automatically assemble knowledge documents from different systems or topics


Security Control

Equipped with 128-bit encryption algorithm and custom encryption technology


Knowledge Map

A visual representation of an organisation's knowledge application scenarios

Management solutions for industries and group sizes

Build customised document management scenarios for different industries with low-code platform.

Seamless cross-platform deployment

Work from anywhere, anytime with Weaver. Powered by H5 technology.

Cross-Platform Deployment | e-cology | Weaver

All-in-one document management system for all

Paperless document management across the organisation.

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Welcome to Weaver.

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Welcome to Weaver.

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