Low-Code Development Platform for Enterprises

Build forms, workflows and apps on low-code with Weaver e-Builder without being skilled in coding. 

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A low-code platform built for complex operations with drag and drop approach.

Form Design

Build complex business forms without coding

Build complex business forms with drag-and-drop form controls. Speed up the form creation process with thousands of form templates.

e-Builder Form Design Tool | Weaver
Workflow Modeling

Create customised workflows based on business approval rules

Build complex business forms with drag-and-drop form controls. Drive data flow through different business stages with business approval rules. Speed up the form creation process with thousands of form templates.

e-Builder Workflow Modeling
Modeling Engine

Automatic association of data from multiple tables

Build custom web-based and mobile applications using pre-built modelling components with minimal coding. Streamline business processes with associated data.


Web-based apps


Mobile apps

e-Builder App Modeling | Weaver
Page Design

Design application pages with pre-set templates

Create application pages with over 100 pre-built page templates, themes and components. The design of the application page can be personalised based on different user permissions.

e-Builder App Page Design | Weaver
Report Design

Drag and drop to create charts and reports

Apply built-in, rich chart style templates to create charts directly from data sources.

e-Builder Reports | Weaver

Bridging data across systems with integrated connectors

Enable business continuity and data correlation with built-in connectors with thousands of configurable integration interfaces.

e-Builder Integration Capability | Weaver
Permission Management

Control who has access to edit form fields

Field level permission control system that supports hierarchical permission control mode across the organisation.

e-Builder Permission Settings | Weaver
Portal Design

Customise portal design with drag and drop

A portal that aggregates all business information with information publishing and data display.

e-Builder Dashboard Portal | Weaver

Everyone can now build with Low Code No Code  Full Code Auto Code

Build on-demand applications with low code or other development capabilities according to your skills.

Back-end engines for platform development

Back-end engines that support large-scale enterprise system development.

e-Builder Form Engine | Weaver

Form Engine

Create responsive and customised forms with visual designer

e-Builder Workflow Engine | Weaver

Workflow Engine

Visual workflow design for approval, business and data flow

e-Builder Page Engine | Weaver

Page Engine

Flexible and customised page layout design for portals

e-Builder Portal Engine | Weaver

Portal Engine

View business application data in a single portal

e-Builder Report Engine | Weaver

Report Engine

Analyse and visualise data with reports

e-Builder Modeling Engine | Weaver

Modeling Engine

Flexible business modeling without code

e-Builder Integration Engine | Weaver

Integration Engine

Integrate with ERP, databases and more

e-Builder Development Engine | Weaver

Development Engine

An open platform for complex business needs

e-Builder Data Engine | Weaver

Data Warehouse Engine

Create data rules and connect multiple data sources

e-Builder Action Flow | Weaver

Action Flow Engine

Configure and generate business logic using low code

Discover what e-Builder platform is capable of

Online development tools for everything from pages and components to various API connection interfaces.

Page development

All pages can be locally edited and deeply extended to achieve complex page presentation and interactive requirements.

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Component development

Supports the development and customisation of existing components.

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Application development

Simplifies the traditional manual coding approach into a graphical configuration method.

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Interface development

Provides development capabilities for integrating complex third-party systems.

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Work with smart components that makes the job easier

Build user-friendly applications with varieties of intelligent development components.

A big picture of the integrated low-code platform

Integrated platform for applications from construction to deployment, operation and maintenance.



Template-based application


Grayscale release
Hierarchical control
Rich applications


End-to-end service
Status monitoring
Intelligent alerts


Version control
Application upgrades
Component optimisation

Access to
1,000+ built-in templates

Access thousands of built-in application templates on demand. Customise as much as you need.


Portal Template

Pre-defined page layouts


Workflow Form

Designed for collecting and processing data


Application Scenarios

Industry-specific application solutions


Data Warehouses

Connects multiple data sources


Workflow Actions

Define workflow actions based on operations



Predefined integration for system suites


Document Template

Pre-defined format for document styles


Page Template

Pre-defined ledger lists or master data

Elevate app building experience with the power of Low Code No Code  Full Code

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Welcome to Weaver.

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Welcome to Weaver.

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