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Fully Digital Transformation with Weaver e-sign & e-seal

Fully Digital Transformation with Weaver e-sign & e-seal

weaver e-sgin e-seal

Digital process automation refers to the use of digital tools to remove the cumbersome management process of contract printing, handwriting signature, contract express delivery, paper contract archiving, etc., to ensure official seal of each organisation is safe. To sign or chop contract from anywhere anytime, so that the entire operation process can be managed digitally.




Audit Report

Values of e-sign

Value of e-sign

7 values of e-sign e-seal

Advantage of e-sign

Advantage of e-sign

Security & Encrypt

Using bank-level security encryption protection methods can ensure that any electronic contract signed documents are forbidden to be tampered with; it has bank transaction-level anti-attack methods to ensure that the contract prevents any unauthorized reading behavior during the transmission and storage process.

Simple but high Efficiency

The contract affixed with a legally effective electronic seal and electronic signature can be sent directly to the customer, without the need for tedious processes such as printing, back and forth express delivery, and filing. PC and mobile multiple terminals can sign and send in real time, breaking the limitation of space and enhancing timeliness.

Regulation & Laws

The entire contract approval process includes business, financial, and compliance approval to ensure compliance audit requirements; it is a reliable and compliant electronic signature technology that is a combination of digital certificates, time stamps, and data storage technology set in accordance with laws and regulations .

Enterprise Version Features

Enterprise Version Features

Company Mangement

Both sender and receiver need to verification company information before send and sign

Send & Sign

Require authorised letter for identification before send and sign


Enterprise business bank account remittance required to active the API services

Security and legal effect

Security and legal effect

Smart Devices


CA Certification



Legal Notarization

Industry Application

Industry Application


Ensure the security and compliance of document circulation and electronic signatures


KYC(Know your customer), improve work efficiency


Accelerate manufacturing innovation and save time

Real Estate

Achieve full digitization and improve the efficiency of real estate transactions

Health Care

Simplify many signing and remark processes, saving medical staff time


Weaver provides professional solutions for more industries

Intelligent Seal Guarder

Intelligent Seal Guarder

Portable intelligent printing control instrument

If the seal is taken out of the company or used inside the company, there are certain security risks. Pan-Micro combines the Internet of Things, smart hardware and encryption security technology to provide a portable and safe smart printing control instrument to help companies solve printing problems. By loading the seal into the portable printing controller, the seal can be activated only after receiving specific instructions to avoid the risk of embezzlement and fraudulent use of the seal. The pan-micro printing controller is equipped with a camera to take photos to confirm the documents when stamping, which is convenient for the comparison of documents before and after stamping; it can control the number of stamps, trace the person and location of the stamp, so that you can grasp the stamp information at any time.

intelligent guarder

Ukey e-seal

Ukey e-seal


Ukey e-seal

The Ukey e-seal has a built-in micro smart card processor that uses a 1024-bit asymmetric encryption algorithm to encrypt, decrypt and digitally sign online data to ensure the confidentiality, authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation of the signed electronic documents and processes.

The Ukey electronic seal can be used in both offline and online environments.

e-sign & e-seal Application scenarios

e-sign & e-seal Application scenarios

Employee Contract
Finance Statements
Reseller Contract
Meeting Minutes
Tender Document
Confirmation Letter
Express Logistic Notes
QC Report

Please check e-seal screenshot for more details

Please check e-seal screenshot for more details