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Weaver eteams offers a wide range of application scenarios, ready to be accessed whenever you need them.

Customer Management (CRM) Icon

Customer Management (CRM)

Closely track customer and supplier next contract plan through a unified CRM.

Customer Management (CRM) Icon

Customer Management (CRM)

Closely track customer and supplier next contract plan through a unified CRM.

Collaborate with teammates


Keep a record of what needs to be done or ideas to be remembered at any time, regularly arrange which day to do it, timely cooperate with other colleagues and communicate with superior and subordinate guidance


Around the periodic projects of individuals or teams, make work plans in a timely manner and summarize the progress in the implementation process by means of project collaboration。

Work Report

What work results have been achieved weekly, monthly and annually, summing up the growth experience, and concisely reporting the overall plan for the next step.


Set up a unified knowledge networks disk to the team , accumulate knowledge and experience in the process of work , and make full use of innovation , shar


All external resource information such as customers and suppliers shall be managed in a unified way to track the customer's process content and next contact plan.

Daily Report

Record the work results and experience sharing of each day, which can perspective the work status and effectiveness of each member of the whole organization, and insight into the progress of each event.


WeChat within the team, each communication is to build targeted interactions around the work results and its matters


Geographically-based mobile check-in and check-out, combined with the company's commute time, automatically form a team member's work attendance track


Business form library of all walks of life helps you quickly learn from the management experience and internal specification requirements of similar companies and enterprises of the same scale.

Workfrom anywhere anytime on mobile

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Equip with the tools you need to boost productivity

Overall, Weaver eteams offers a comprehensive set of features that empower organizations to enhance their overall productivity, efficiency, streamline operations, and fostering a collaborative work environment.

Performance tracking

Supervisors can quickly understand individual work performance and seamlessly provide guidance and support for employee growth.

Work traceability

eteams trackable work processes enable organizations to ensure accountability and foster continuous improvement within employees.

Streamlined rules and regulations

eteams streamlined approach to rules and regulations digitizes and optimizes internal workflows, saving valuable time and resources.

Real-time collaboration

Through eteams' real-time collaboration capabilities, team members can work for a seamless exchange of ideas and information.

PDCA execution

Emphasizing PDCA execution, the eteams facilitates effective planning, feedback, inspections, and completion, driving a culture of constant improvement within the organization.

Enterprise mobility

eteams' mobility feature empowers employees to leverage mobile devices to handle tasks and communicate, eliminating delays in feedback and progress updates.


Choose your plan


Price for Single User
$ 0
  • Up to 25 Accounts
  • 1 GB space for the company
  • Basic IM communication
  • Basic notifications
  • Basic attendance tracking
  • Basic calendar features
  • Basic task management
  • Up to 20 projects
  • Up to 10 public shared folders
  • Basic features of CRM
  • Up to 6 approval workflows
  • Up to 6 business forms (100 records per form)


Price for Single User
$ 49
  • Includes all features in the free version
  • 2 GB per person
  • IM integration with folders, workflows, projects, tasks
  • Advanced notification settings
  • Advanced attendance reporting, including field checkin
  • Calendar integration with tasks, projects etc.
  • Customizable task settings and statistical reports
  • Unlimited projects with authorization control
  • Unlimited sharing folders
  • Advanced CRM with customization and reporting
  • Unlimited approval workflows with reports
  • Unlimited business forms with unlimited data records


Price for Single User
Contact sales for pricing monthly
  • KPI/OKR performance evaluation
  • Payslips
  • Email integration
  • SMS notifications
  • Open API
  • Customer-wned domain xonnection
  • Access to eBuilder (Low-code platform)
  • Access to ecode (PaaS)
  • E-invoice OCR
  • E-signature & e-seal
  • Extra storage space
  • Implementation and support services

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