Digital Business Process Management

Transform business processes into digital workflows with Weaver’s low-code BPM platform. Automate business rules within the digitised business processes to boost productivity.

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Digitise Business Process Management

Business Process Management

Transform business processes into digital workflows with Weaver’s built-in intuitive drag and drop designers. Configure customised business rules within the automated business processes to achieve better operational efficiency.

Digital Form Designer

Create Digital Forms with Excel-like Tools

Weaver e-cology saves you the pain from existing manual processes and handling piles of paper documents with its intuitive Graphical Digital Form Designer. Build forms from scratch with ease and link them to the workflows to streamline collaboration. Start building a paperless workplace and collaborate with your team to boost productivity and experience.

Business Process Management Form Designer
Weaver E-cology Digital Form Designer
low code business process management

Simplified Form Creation with 100% Low-Code BPM Engines

Say no more to manually setting up fields and objects on your own. With Weaver e-cology, you’ll have access to hundreds presets that let you create seamless workflows applications and forms. User-friendly, and low-code workflow to manage your business processes from contract approval, service management, asset management to a full spectrum level.

low code business process management

Workflow Designer

Allow Citizen Developers to Build Workflows by just "Drag-and-Drop"

It takes careful deliberation to perfect a workflow. Weaver e-cology spares you the tiring process of plotting a workflow chart with its drag-and-drop designer tool.

Need to swap a couple of blocks or introduce a new business process into an existing one? The intuitive drag-and-drop tool allows you to make changes, auto-simulation and test before applying the revised workflow.

Business Process Management Workflow Designer
business process management rules engine

Automate Business Rules With Digital Business Processes

Improve efficiency, governance, and compliance by setting up specific business rules on the business processes. The powerful business rule engine eliminates human-error of going beyond the regulated business rules.

business process management rules engine

Beyond Process Automation

Low-Code bPM Development of “Workflow Apps”

The built-in low-code BPM “App Designer ” of e-cology allow citizen developers to create custom business workflow apps such as contract, asset, procurement and any other required modules. Limitless library of workflow apps which connect workflows, documents, reports and all essential data. The best part is that no coding experience is required to build an BPM workflow of your own.

Kickstart your workflow digitalisation with Weaver

Connect People, Business Process and Data using Digital Services

Automate all Business Processes Management in One Platform

Connect People, Business Process, Documents and All Digital Services

Job Application
Employee Onboarding
Overtime Application
Leave Request
Internal Transfer Application
Training Request
Certification Request


Business Trip/expense
Budget and Expense Control
Fix Asset Management
Invoice Management
Payment Application
Cash Management
Investment Management


IT Ticketing System
Network Resource Management
IT Incident Management
System Account Management
IT Application Development
IT Helpdesk Support
User License Management


Job application
Employee onboarding
Overtime application
Leave request
Internal transfer application
Training request
Certification request


Business trip/expense
Budget and expense control
Fix Asset management
Invoice management
Payment Application
Cash Management
Investment Management


IT ticketing system
Network resource management
IT incident management
System account management
IT Application development
IT helpdesk support
User License management


Official Notice
Meeting room management
Vehicle management
Visitor management
Gift management
Business card printing
Office suppliers management


Official Notice
Meeting Room Management
Vehicle Management
Visitor Management
Gift Management
Business Card Printing
Office Suppliers Management


Supplier Master Data
Purchase Requisition
Supplier Evaluation
Purchase Order management
Supplier Development
Price History
Tendering Management


Complaint Management
Technical Support
Ticketing System
Change Request
Service Quality Tracking
Phone Call Tracking
Satisfaction Feedback Survey


Supplier Master Data
Purchase Requisition
Supplier Evaluation
Purchase Order management
Supplier development
Price history
Tendering management


Complaint management
Technical support
Ticketing system
Change Request
Service quality tracking
Phone call tracking
Satisfaction feedback survey


Customer master data
Product master data
Product promotion application
Quotation management
Marketing expense application
Marketing event management
ROI analysis


Quality criteria management
QC Approval
Incoming quality control(IQC)
Defective goods dispose
Returning process
QC result appeal
QC check list


Digital contract templates
Contract approval Process
Contract Risks Library
Legal negotiation
Contract compliance control
Historical contract management
Digital sign application


Customer Master Data
Product Master Data
Product Promotion Application
Quotation Management
Marketing Expense Aapplication
Marketing Event Management
ROI Analysis


Quality Criteria Management
QC Approval
Incoming Quality Control(IQC)
Defective Goods Dispose
Returning Process
QC Result Appeal
QC Check List


Digital Contract Templates
Contract Approval Process
Contract Risks Library
Legal Negotiation
Contract Compliance Control
Historical Contract Management
Digital Sign Application

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