BPM Platform

Transform Business Processes into Automated Workflows

The foundation of digital transformation for process automation. Automates business rules and supercharge productivity with Weaver BPM platform.

Getting started with process automation

Form Design

User-friendly and intuitive form design tool

Build complex business forms with drag-and-drop form controls, supported by low-code development.

Workflow Modeling

Create custom workflows based on business approval rules

Create process flowchart that adapt to complex business scenarios. Drag-and-drop modelling tool designed for citizen developers.

Business Analytics

Visualise performance with dashboards and reports

A complete picture of the organisation’s process framework and process performance based on multi-dimensional analysis and reporting tools.

Integrate with existing tools and database

Powerful workflow engine that integrates between Weaver BPM and third-party systems.

Data integration

Targets business master data (MDM) in third-party business systems such as suppliers, customers, products and financial accounts.

e-Builder Low-Code Development | Weaver

Process integration

Seamless integration of process or workflow applications from various third-party applications.

e-Builder Application Interface | Weaver

System integration

Seamless system integration and interaction of diverse business data across third-party systems.

e-Builder Auto-Code Development | Weaver

Build custom workflow applications with low-code

e-Builder App Development | Weaver

Workflow application design tool

Build bespoke business workflow applications for contracts, assets, procurement, with no coding required for citizen developers.

Seamlessly connect processes, documents, reports and critical data in one place with an unlimited library of workflow applications.

BPM application scenario

See how organisations are using a BPM platform to optimise each of their key operations.

Human Resource

Manage, onboard, develop and retain talent with HRM solution


Manage budgeting, invoicing, reimbursement and planning

Information Technology

Manage tickets, application development and system account


Manage suppliers, sourcing, quotes, tenders, PR, PO, and inventory

CRM / After-Sales

Manage customer registration, allocation, follow-up, and payment


Manage marketing campaign and knowledge base organisation

Quality Control (QC)

Establish QC standards and protocols for products or services


Manage people, finances, meetings, assets and purchases

Seamless cross-platform deployment

Work from anywhere, anytime with Weaver. Powered by H5 technology.

Cross-Platform Deployment | e-cology | Weaver

Automate complex processes with workflows

Connecting People, Business Process and Data using digital services.

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Welcome to Weaver.

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