Values of OA System in Organizational Development

OA System

Using OA system for organization development by enterprises

The collaborative OA system serves organizational management from many aspects. Therefore, when considering enterprise content management and future development of the collaborative OA system, the first focus should be on the management demands during the organizational development process. 

From the enterprise content management perspective – regardless of the scale and development stage of the company, there are common areas of focus for the collaborative OA system. These includes: 

  • Implementation of company departmental system and process. Formulation, execution, monitoring and optimization of company departmental system and process.
  • Knowledge management. Including knowledge accummulation, utilization, sharing, and innovation to facilitate employee self-learning and growth. 
  • Insights into departments and organizations. Real-time display of individual and departmental growth and work status.
  • Communication. Effective communication and assistance within the organization.
  • Corporate culture. Shaping and promotion of the company’s corporate culture.
  • Data privacy. Confidentiality and security of sensitive key data. 
  • Integration. Integration capabilities with other heterogeneous systems. 

How companies at different stages uses OA system

In addition, influenced by scale factors, the demands of companies at different stages of development for the collaborative OA system also differ:

1. Start-up stage

  • Richness of system functionality – The system should have multiple functions but be simple to meet future development needs.
  • Focus on the directness of functions rather than complex permission systems. 
  • Consider the cost-effectiveness of the system.

2. Growth stage

  • Focus on the formulation, execution, and monitoring of systems and processes
  • Enhancement of employee capabilities
  • Beginning to refine corporate culture
  • Appropriate permission control
  • Flexible organizational structure adjustments
  • Starting to recognize the importance of process management – in the process of transitioning from extensive management to precise management 

3. Mature stage - Corporate group

  • Integration of systems is a priority as there are multiple management systems
  • Replication of management systems and experiences
  • Enhancement of employee execution capabilities
  • Professionalism and applicability of various systems themselves
  • Insights into the organization and promotion of corporate culture
  • Relatively complex permission control and performance
  • Effective risk control
  • Fostering employees’ innovative abilities
  • Support decentralized management models through org. structure and matrix multi-dimensional organizational structure.
  • Effective management of expansion – how to expand rapidly and orderly within acceptable risk

Values of OA system for employees

Previously, we explored the value of implementing an OA system for organizational development. However, it’s crucial to recognize that employees, as integral components of organization, play a vital role in the success and growth of the business. The OA system serves as a valuable tool that empowers and supports employees in various aspects of their work, fostering productivity, collaboration, and personal growth.

In enterprises, particularly in large and medium-sized ones, frontline employees often face challenges in connecting with top management, resulting in their voices being unheard and talented individuals being at risk of being overlooked, leading to a sense of underutilization. Moreover, the lack of a self-work management platform for employees hampers their visibility, inhibits access to necessary support, and restricts their ability to showcase their work performance.

Fortunately, the OA system software is specifically designed to address these challenges by providing such benefits:

  • Empowered engagement and communication. Enhanced attention from leaders and active listening to employee voices
  • Streamlined work achievement updates. Timely communication of work achievements to superiors
  • Self-service convenience. Convenient and practical self-service features – including leave requests, reimbursements, and business travel approval
  • Knowledge empowerment for growth. Access to knowledge resources that facilitate personal growth and problem-solving within the system.
  • Efficient collaboration with experts. Facilitated identification of experienced individuals for interactive communication
  • Swift feedback loop in OA system. Prompt feedback on requests submitted within the OA system.
  • Holistic company insights. Comprehensive insights into the company, positions, and relevant personnel
  • Automated work accomplishment tracking. Effective recording of daily work accomplishments, eliminating the need for repetitive data entry
  • Objective performance assessment. Objective assessment during company evaluations, ensuring accurate presentation of work performance and processes.

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