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Form Designer Tools - Business Process Management


Build forms with graphical form designer tool

Graphical form designer tool

Create digital forms using Excel-like tools and drag-n-drop components to add new fields.

Customisable forms

Easily customise forms to fit your business branding and field requirements.


Low-code workflow builder

With our drag-and-drop designer tool, Weaver E-cology saves you the time and effort of creating a custom workflow chart.

Workflow simulation

Auto workflow simulation and testing before going live.

Multiple instances

Automatically introducing new blocks as separate instances in workflow.

Workflow Designer- Business Process Management
Business Rules Automation - Business Process Management
BPM Compliant Rule Engine


Automate processes with pre-defined business rules

Business rule engine

Automate processes for specific exceptions with easy-to-understand natural language rules.

Business rules compliant

Define business rules for efficiency, governance and compliance, reuse rules for consistency.

Beyond process automation

Low-code development of “Workflow Apps”

App builder for everyone

With the built-in App Designer, citizen developers can now create custom enterprise level apps such as contract, asset, procurement, and any other required modules.

Access to rich library

Access to a growing library of digital workflow apps that connect workflows, documents, reports, and all data transaction details in a single location.

Process Automation - Business Process Management

Powerful features for creating a paperless workplace

One-stop business enterprise platform solution which facilitate seamless collaboration between internal and external stakeholders.

Workflow engine

Automates processes and eliminates human-touch for specific business rules.

Pre-built components

Customise forms and workflows with drag-and-drop pre-built elements.

Process modeling

Allow users to visualise and understand the flow and performance of processes.

Low-code development

Drag-and-drop elements to enterprise workflow apps with built-in App Designer.

Enterprise information portal

A single point of entry for data, information, processes, and documents.

Data integration

Quick collection of data process from multiple channels.


Seamless cross-platform deployment

Powered by H5 technology, Weaver BPM platform solution is seamlessly adaptable on mobile, PC, tablet devices, providing all-around 24/7 access to business processes and data.

Process automation for every business

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business process management - bpm - weaver
business process management - bpm - weaver