Software Engineer

Weaver provides consulting and technology delivery services to the clients, helps them with process digitalization through implementing a comprehensive digital platform. As a software solution engineer with our team. Your duties & responsibilities include the following.

Job Description & Requirements

  • Liaising with technology delivery team to design & implement technical designs
  • Develop customized solution through code-development to extend the standard capabilities of the existing platform
  • Enhance applications by identifying opportunities for improvement, making recommendations, and designing and implementing these enhancements.
  • Liaise with the product R&D team to work on the product localization plan.
  • Participate in the required user sessions (i.e. requirement gathering, solution preview session, design workshops. etc.) throughout the project implementation cycles.
  • Develop necessary technical deliverables such as technical design document, solution deck, testing plan, and so on.

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Relevant Academic Training (e.g. Computer Science, Information system. etc.)
  2. Preferably A Bachelor’s Degree in related fields.
  3. Experienced and Proficient in programming tasks (e.g. Java, Javascript. CSS, implement APIs)
  4. Experience in enterprise software solution and/or service delivery. (e.g. ERP, BPM, or another enterprise IT solutions)
  5. A team player and self-leaner
  6. Both Fresh Graduate and Experienced Professionals are welcomed to apply
Job Category: Technical
Job Type: Full Time Part Time

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