Contract Management

e-office 11.0 | Standard OA Platform for SME

Explore Weaver e-office contract management solution designed for SME. Stay on track of your contracts with integrated digital contract management platform.

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Managing contract has never been easier

End-to-end contract lifecycle management – draft contract, sign for approval, and archive, all in one place.

Contract templates

Draft and manage contract templates online

Permission and categorization management

Control, monitor and retrieval of contracts

Smart contract approval

Efficiently approve contracts by converting procedures into rules

Digital signature for contract

Sign contract with multiple parties with authentication and legal verification protected

Smart performance tracking

Integration of contract management with operations

Automated contract archives

Lifecycle management for archived contracts

Built-in data reporting tools

Visual analysis and intelligent statistical summary of contract data

Contract portal

Centralized management and overview of contract information

A perfect digital contract platform for SMEs

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