Using Low-Code Development to Create Digital Workflows

For many organizations worldwide, workflow digitalization efforts are either in progress or being seriously considered. Rules-based digital workflows not only increase process efficiency, but also increase business resilience and agility. They can manage, consolidate, and respond to large amounts of complex data – thus promoting employee productivity while reducing human errors. Key to workflow digitalization […]

Work with HUAWEI, Weaver provide end-to-end solution to financial industry

The workplace is rapidly changing as a result of fast-moving technology development, with more and more aspects of our daily jobs taking place via digital technology instead of face-to-face or paper-based. Especially in the financial industry, being paperless is essential and enterprise mobility is no longer just an option. At Weaver, we offer a solution […]

History, Today and Future of Collaborative (OA) Software

The history of collaborative (OA) software The development of collaborative (OA) software is basically consistent with the development of the Internet. From the beginning, there were mail, electronic bulletin boards, BBS, the emergence of independent websites, classified search sites, portal sites (Yahoo, Sina, Netease), and global search The emergence of engines, the emergence of blogs […]

Collaborative Matrix Model

Collaborative Matrix Model If we have an abstract understanding of an organization, then there are seven basic elements in any enterprise and unit: the human element, the process element, the knowledge element, the customer resource element, the project event element, the material element, and the financial element. Elements. These seven elements do not exist in […]