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The modern workplace is undergoing rapid transformation, driven by the relentless development of technology. Increasingly, our daily tasks are shifting from face-to-face interactions and paper-based processes to digital realms. In industries like finance, the shift towards a paperless and mobile-centric environment is no longer a choice but a necessity. At Weaver, we provide a solution built on the Huawei cloud platform, enabling organizations to create digital workflows that enhance productivity and propel business growth.

Key features of the transformation journey

Weaver’s platform offers a comprehensive suite of intuitive tools designed to simplify and expedite your transformation journey. Here are some pivotal features:

1. Robust workflow designer

At the heart of our solution lies a robust workflow designer, empowering your IT teams to swiftly craft and deploy digital workflows. These workflows can incorporate automated business rules for enhanced risk and compliance management. This means the system can handle hundreds of decisions daily, improving efficiency, reducing errors, and ensuring adherence to corporate policies and industry regulations.

2. Enterprise mobility platform

Our platform includes an enterprise mobility solution that enables end users to communicate, collaborate, and share seamlessly from their mobile devices. It facilitates streamlined collaboration among remote teams and extends to external stakeholders such as customers and suppliers. With out-of-the-box knowledge modules and powerful search capabilities, all essential documents, processes, and information are readily accessible at your fingertips.

3. Low-code development engine

Recognizing that traditional application development falls short in meeting the demands of today’s fast-paced businesses, Weaver offers a low-code development engine. This engine accelerates the delivery of digital services and empowers citizen developers—individuals with business domain expertise but limited programming skills—to create new business applications. Beyond cost and time savings, this scalable platform supports ongoing innovation, allowing you to adapt to ever-evolving business requirements.

In summary

To date, Weaver has collaborated with over 1,000 financial service companies, and some of the region’s largest enterprises have embraced our platform. Beyond the evident enhancements in process efficiency, our platform delivers underlying values that have been demonstrated in numerous successful implementations.

For instance, consider a major insurance company that was able to redeploy 40% of its 200-person department by digitizing their financial shared service processes—an impressive testament to the platform’s impact.

Digital collaboration isn’t just about changing day-to-day processes; it’s about reshaping organizational culture from the inside out. It transforms not only the way tasks are handled but also the approach leaders take to decision-making. Through workflow digitization and automation, our platform liberates resources—space, time, and money—creating new opportunities that position your organization at the forefront of innovation.

About Weaver

Founded in 2001, Weaver is a leading digital enterprise software provider headquartered in Shanghai, with a regional presence and service networks in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Weaver specializes in a low-code collaborative management platform with a diverse portfolio, serving over 70,000 organizations and enterprises across 87 industries. 

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