Work with HUAWEI, Weaver provide end-to-end solution to financial industry

Work with HUAWEI, Weaver provide end-to-end solution to financial industry

The workplace is rapidly changing as a result of fast-moving technology development, with more and more aspects of our daily jobs taking place via digital technology instead of face-to-face or paper-based. Especially in the financial industry, being paperless is essential and enterprise mobility is no longer just an option. At Weaver, we offer a solution built on top of Huawei cloud, which helps organizations create digital workflows to increase productivity and drive business growth.


Key Features of Transformation Journey

Weaver’s platform features a set of intuitive tools designed to make this transformation journey much easier and faster. Here are some key features:

1.  First of all and at the core of the entire solution, the platform provides a robust workflow designer to help your IT teams quickly design and deploy digital workflows. Automated business rules can be built into the workflows for risk and compliance management. Thus, hundreds of decisions can be made daily by the system instead of humans, for better efficiency and less errors, while at same time enforcing your corporate policy and industry regulations.

2. Secondly, we offer an enterprise mobility platform which enables end users to communicate, collaborate and share from mobile devices. It helps you streamline collaboration in between your remote teams and even with external stakeholders such as your customers and suppliers. With the out-of-the-box knowledge module and search capability, all useful documents, processes and information will be available at your fingertips.

3. Furthermore, we understand that traditional application development just can’t meet the requirements of today’s fast-moving businesses. Weaver provides a low-code development engine to accelerate such digital service delivery. It also makes it possible for citizen developers, those who have business domain knowledge but limited programming skills, to build new business applications. Beyond time and cost saving, the organisation will have a scalable platform which supports continuous innovation and addresses constantly changing business needs.

To summarise

To date, weaver have worked with more than 1,000 financial service companies and some of the largest companies in the region are using our platform. Not only does this platform improve process efficiency, there are other underling values that have been proved through our past implementations. For example. One large insurance company worked with was able to repurpose 40% of their workforce in a department of 200 as a result of digitising their financial shared service processes.

Digital collaboration reshapes organisational culture from the inside out — not only transforming day-to-day processes, but also the way that leaders approach decision-making. Through workflow digitisation and automation, our platform frees up space, time, and money, creating new opportunities that enable your organisation to be ahead of the curve.



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