Weaver’s OA Collaborative System Kick Start In Konica Minolta

OA System

Weaver partners with Konica Minolta (Dalian) Co., Ltd. for an enhanced OA collaborative system

In a recent development, Weaver has entered into a strategic agreement with Konica Minolta (Dalian) Co., Ltd. to create an efficient OA (Office Automation) collaborative system. This comprehensive solution will encompass an information portal, standardized business processes, and a robust integration framework.

Established in April 1994, Konica Minolta (Dalian) Co., Ltd. operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Konica Minolta, a prominent multinational conglomerate with a workforce exceeding 40,000 employees. Konica Minolta (Dalian) Co., Ltd. primarily focuses on the manufacturing and sales of digital cameras, optical-related products, high-precision resin lenses, optical glass lenses, digital camera and lens components, vehicle reversing image system lens components, and mobile phone lens components.

As an industry leader, Konica Minolta (Dalian) Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of agile responses to market demands and the development of tailored solutions for its customers. To achieve these goals, the company has chosen to collaborate with Weaver in building a comprehensive office system. This initiative aims to standardize internal business processes, facilitate knowledge sharing, and streamline document management through the implementation of an OA collaborative system.

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Founded in 2001, Weaver is a leading digital enterprise software provider headquartered in Shanghai, with regional presence and service networks across Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Weaver specializes in a low-code collaborative management platform with a diverse portfolio, serving over 70,000 organizations and enterprises across 87 industries. 

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OA System

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