What is Collaborative Matrix Model

What is Collaborative Matrix Model

This article was updated on November 22, 2022 for content clarity. 

Exhibit 1: Collaborative Matrix Model

Collaboration is defined as the act of working together to achieve a common goal. Leading teams in a collaborative matrix assists individuals in engaging, progressing through the stages of team development in a high performing manner, finding solutions, and accomplishing tasks.

Seven Basic Elements of Collaborative Matrix Model

What are the seven basic elements of the collaborative matrix model for organisation?

According to our understanding, an organisation consist of a human element, a process element, a knowledge element, a customer resource element, a project event element, a material element, and a financial element. 

Meanwhile, none of the seven elements exist in isolation or as silos, but are highly correlated and correspond with one another. The elements can be moved between departments within the organisation.

An accountable system is more likely to encourage collaboration over competition, resulting in a healthy work culture.

How does Collaborative Matrix Model works?

Collaborative matrix model is a solution for Enterprise Information Management (EIM) by incorporating the use of enterprise data mesh architecture. Enterprise data mesh architecture enables agility, performance, and self-service data access, allowing each organisational unit to achieve stereo-matching or multi-threading management on a single platform.

In addition, if the user locates an information point in the system, the user will have access to the information associated with that specific information point.

For example, if you look up a salesperson within the organisation, you will have access to additional information stored in the database:

  • Such as personal financial information (salaries, benefits, costs, expenses) ;
  • Customers he manages ;
  • Documentation history ;
  • Subordinates ;
  • Projects participated ;
  • Company assets in-use ;
  • Work arrangements and more.

There is a web-based connection, and information is easily accessed via the information node on the employee “profile card” displayed.

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