gear linkage model

What is Collaborative Gear Model

What is Collaborative Gear Model

This article was updated on November 23, 2022 for content clarity. 

How does the Gear Linkage Model works?

While the collaborative matrix model addresses the need for “collaborative management” or “enterprise data mesh management,” an underlying logical thinking level issue should be addressed.

As a result,  gear linkage model is required for power transmission in order to support the operation of the “cooperative matrix,” in which only “collaborative management” is realised with both models.

gear linkage model

Exhibit 1: Collaborative Gear Model (or Gear Linkage Model)

Support various core application modules

The key to designing a well-implemented “gear linkage model” is to include a core engine (similar to a “gear coordination centre”) in the system to support various core application modules: 

  • Knowledge document management module 
  • Workflow application management module 
  • Human resources application management module 
  • Customer relationship management module (CRM) 
  • Project management module 
  • Financial management module 
  • Asset management module and so on


To visualise it, imagine each module as a gear; when one of the modules (gear) rotates, it drives motion to other modules (gears) around the gear alignment centre. 

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