gear linkage model

What is Collaborative Gear Model

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gear linkage model

Exhibit 1: Collaborative Gear Model (or Gear Linkage Model)

How does the gear linkage model work?

The Gear Linkage Model functions as an essential component within the collaborative matrix model, serving the purpose of enabling efficient power transmission to support the operation of “cooperative matrix” systems. In this context, the primary objective is to facilitate effective “collaborative management” or “enterprise data mesh management.” The gear linkage model acts as a critical mechanism that ensures the seamless realization of collaborative management within the framework of both models, optimizing their overall functionality and synergy.

Providing support to core modules

The key to designing a well-implemented “gear linkage model” is to include a core engine (similar to a “gear coordination center”) in the system to support various core application modules:

  • Knowledge document management module
  • Workflow application management module
  • Human resources application management module
  • Customer relationship management module (CRM)
  • Project management module
  • Financial management module
  • Asset management module, and so on

To visualize it, imagine each module as a gear; when one of the modules (gear) rotates, it drives motion in other modules (gears) around the gear alignment center.

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