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How to efficiently capture information in an age of information explosion

Sales Opportunities Mining

Marketing and sales staff are often faced with the problems of difficult lead generation, difficult customer contact, time-consuming and laborious manual search for key customer information, etc. How to find effective leads quickly?

Policy Study

National industry policies are changing rapidly, and it is time-consuming and difficult to find all the information you need, so how do you know the relevant policies quickly so that you can adjust your business decisions through macro policies?

Purchase Price Comparation

When a company is unable to judge the price of a product quoted by a supplier, can a robot automatically capture the price information of similar products on the Internet to give a reference for approval?

Markering monitoring

In the age of Internet self-media, a negative information may trigger a company into a public opinion crisis, how to effectively capture the company’s public opinion from many information streams automatically and monitor and respond to it effectively?

Competitor Tracking

With competition everywhere, how do you instantly know about new product launches, strategic alliances, advertising campaigns, customer signings, etc. and effectively track and make decisions in response?

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RPA Used by Different Department

Sales Department

Sales department care about business opportunities every day, how to capture valuable bidding announcements from the vast amount of information? Once the sales force has confirmed the business opportunity information, to quickly open the customer situation, how to understand the basic situation of the customer company: such as size, industry status, product information. How to find out the basic information about the client company, such as size, industry status and product information. 

Procurement Department

When the Purchasing Department submits a procurement request and issues a procurement tender, it receives numerous suppliers to bid for the job. How do you select the qualified suppliers from the many? Can the supplier’s qualifications and reputation be guaranteed? Is there a risk of supplier default? The risk of product quality, the risk of inflated prices, these are the concerns of the Purchasing Department.