Workflow Engine

Visual workflow design for approval, business and data flow. Make decisions more efficiently with intelligent processes.

Visualise workflow design process without code

Drag and drop to build complex business and approval workflows without code.

Over 30+ workflow operation functions

Supports different organisational approval modes with rich workflow operation functions such as vote, print, forward, counterparty signature and more.

Build approval decision flow with Excel

Easily import process approval flow from Excel spreadsheet or build with system’s built-in authority matrix table. 

Work efficiently with intelligent approval assistant

Automatically collect relevant request data and make better decisions with intelligent compliance, analysis and alerts.

Control user access with process-based permissions

Decide who has access to add, delete, modify to given documents, forms, and associated data.

Drive business operations with workflows

Drive business processes by triggering process flows to transfer data between applications, update status, call third-party interfaces, and more.

Encourage internal and external collaboration

Encourage synergy between internal and external parties by enabling external users to participate in the business flow for better decision making.

Automatic workflow simulation testing

Improve workflow efficiency with automated simulation testing of processes based on approval conditions.

Gain insights into workflow performance

Gain insight into workflow performance for future improvement with intelligent analysis and reporting.

Stay on top of workflow status and identitfy bottlenecks

View form content, approval status, current process, approval records at a glance and identify bottlenecks in processes.

Weaver e-builder low-code workflow engine monitoring

Standardise processes with BPMN2.0 compliant

Weaver workflow engine follows the BPMN2.0 international process standard specification to enable rapid creation of enterprise processes, flexible workflow control and high-performance processing.

e-Builder Workflow Engine - BPMN 2.0 | Weaver

User-based flexible permission settings

Support individual users, departments, divisions, roles, positions, module fields, matrices, security levels and other various permission settings and condition rules.

Seamless cross-platform deployment

All workflows are automatically deployed across PC, mobile and tablet for daily workflow application and processing with online approval capability.

Putting workflow to work with robust engines

Now that you've built your workflow, explore other back-end engines to get started.

e-Builder Form Engine | Weaver

Form Engine

Create responsive and customised forms with visual designer

e-Builder Page Engine | Weaver

Page Engine

Flexible page layout design

Build intelligent workflow with e-Builder

Visual workflow design for approval, business and data flow.