Project Management

e-office 11.0 | Standard OA Platform for SME

Check out Weaver e-office project management solution designed for SME. Streamline project resources such as workflows, files and related contracts.

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Seamless journey in agile project management

Create, plan, organize, execute and track all projects and related resources in one place. 

Project initiation

Standardize and streamline project approval and define goal plans.

Project budget

Establish budget plans for effective cost control.

Project tender

Standardize business approval processes for efficient internal approval.

Project contract

Integrated management of project contracts with budget and expense management

Project tracking

Manage project timeline by breaking down tasks, delegating responsibilities and managing deadlines

Project archive

Efficiently archive project information for easy access and verification.

Built-in data reporting tools

Visual analysis and statistical summary of project data

Project portal

Centralized management and overview of project information

Navigating chaos with project management

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