Procurement Management

e-office 11.0 | Standard OA Platform for SME

Explore Weaver e-office procurement management solution designed for SME. Manage and streamline planning, suppliers, sourcing, bids, purchase requests, and inventory all in one place.

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More transparency and control on purchasing

Enhance efficiency, transparency, and control in sourcing, purchasing, bidding, tendering and supplier management.

Portal management

Centralized management and overview of procurement information

Inventory management

Integrate purchase requisition process with product information

Supplier management

Standardizing supplier admission process and document supplier credibility

Purchase request management

Initiate purchase request (PR) directly online with the procurement department

Purchase price management

Standardizing inquiry, quotation and suppliers screening processes

Bid management

Approve sourcing and sign tender documents with DocuSign integration

Purchase contract management

Draft, approve, sign, archive, and retrieve purchase contracts

Payment management

Intelligently generate a payment list through integration with purchase orders

Built-in data reporting tools

Visual analysis and statistical summary of procurement data

An enhanced procurement experiences for purchasers

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