Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

e-office 11.0 | Standard OA Platform for SME

Explore Weaver e-office CRM platform solution designed for SME. Manage customer profile, sales follow-up, signing and payment collection.

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Enhanced customer management experience

Integrated management of customer profile, allocation, sales follow-up, signing and payment processes.

Customer profile

Conveniently create and manage customer profiles 

Allocation and permission management

Efficient permission management and customer allocation based on role and position

Customer follow-up

Efficiently follow-up with customer with intelligent contact reminders.

Business leads

Standardized management of all business leads

Sales contract

Sign sales contract with DocuSign integration

Account receivables management

Streamline control over sales receivables actions.

Project implementation

Integrated information between customers and projects throughout project implementation.

Customer pool

An individual space for managing unattended customers with visual analysis.

Optimize every customer touchpoints with ease

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