Budget and Expense Management

e-office 11.0 | Standard OA Platform for SME

Check out Weaver e-office budget and expense management solution designed for SME. Manage finances, plan business budget and track expenses in an integrated platform.

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Take control of your business finances

Manage budgeting, invoicing, reimbursement, income and expenditure, and finances in an integrated expense management platform.

Budget management

Supports budget plans for company, department, user, role, and project

Cloud invoice management

Simplify reimbursement form filling with smart invoice management

Compliance control

Strengthen business compliance control for expenses

Mobile expense management

Conveniently make reimbursements through mobile and PC

Expense approval

Integrating with budget information for a streamlined approval process

Accounting voucher management

Integrate with third-party financial systems for automatic accounting reconciliation and seamless data exchange

Built-in data reporting tools

Visual analysis and statistical summary of budget and expense data

Income and expenditure management

Management and recording of fund inflows and outflows

No more data silos while managing business finances

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