Transform business processes into digital workflows with Weaver’s built-in intuitive drag and drop low-code Business Process Management engines.  Build business workflow apps from scratch to automate operations and enable digital collaboration.

Weaver Business Process Management Platform

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Form Designer

Create Digital Forms with Excel-like Tools

Weaver e-cology saves you the pain from existing manual processes and handling piles of paper documents with its intuitive Graphical Form Designer. Build digital forms from scratch with ease and link them to the workflow to enable digital collaboration. Start to build a paperless workplace and collaborate with your team using a digital way.

Business Process Management Form Designer
Business Process Management Workflow Designer

Workflow Designer

Create Digital Workflows with Graphical Designer

It takes careful deliberation to perfect a workflow. Weaver e-cology spares you the tiring process of plotting a workflow chart with its drag-and-drop designer tool.

Need to swap a couple of blocks or introduce a crucial process into an existing one? The intuitive drag-and-drop tool allows you to make changes, auto-simulate, and test before applying the organization’s revised process.

Business Process Management Workflow Designer

Configure & Automate Business Rules Within the Digital Processes

Improve efficiency, governance, and compliance by setting up specific business rules on the processes. The powerful business rule engine eliminates human-dependency in triggering the necessary procedures for certain exceptions.

  • Define business rules in rule engine
  • Design compliance rule as required
  • Centralized rules enable reuse and consistency
  • Nature language rules can be easily read
  • Externalized rules are easy to change
business process management rules engine
BPM Compliance Rule Engine
low code business process management

Beyond Process Automation

Low-Code Development Of “Workflow Apps”

The build-in “App Designer ” of e-cology empowers non-programming background users to create custom enterprise level apps such as contract, asset, procurement and any other required modules. Your company will have a growing library of workflow apps which connect workflows, documents, reports and all essential data. The best part is you don’t need to have an expert programming team to achieve this.

low code business process management

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